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BodyPsychology Introduction

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This is an introductory course to the BodyPsychology Series and is a pre-requisite for any of the other courses in the BodyPsychology series.

This course provides the basis of understanding of the relationship between physical wellbeing and psychological well-being of all of the parts of the body. You will experience "a day in the life" of these parts and explore their untold stories. In this introduction we explore the basics of the Shoulders, Hips and Spine, Organs and Endocrines, as well as Water and Fascia.

Understanding these basics will enable you to continue your exploration and gain more detailed knowledge if you participate in any of the other courses in the BodyPsychology series.

John Veltheim

John Veltheim is the founder of BodyTalk and co-founder of both the International BodyTalk Association and International BodyTalk Foundation, which helps fund research and offers BodyTalk Access to people in places where healthcare is not readily available.

He is formally trained as a chiropractor and acupuncturist and served as the former Principal of the Brisbane College of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies for 5 years. Dr. Veltheim's extensive post-graduate studies include applied kinesiology and Bio-energetic therapy. He has also studied osteopathy and sports medicine.

His other areas of expertise include counseling, comparative philosophy, and theology. John also has extensive knowledge in the field of quantum physics and Consciousness and has spent much time lecturing internationally on these topics.

Dr. Veltheim has written numerous magazine and journal articles on BodyTalk and in his other fields of expertise. Recently, Dr Veltheim’s work was published in the Journal of Alternative Medicine Research. The journal’s publishers were so impressed with John's development of BodyTalk, that they dedicated an entire volume solely to articles on BodyTalk.

He is the published author of several books including books about Reiki, acupuncture and BodyTalk. He created BodyTalk course work and developed the PaRama BodyTalk program where science meets healing at the highest level.

“Success is about creating benefit for all and enjoying the process. If you focus on this & adopt this definition, success is yours.”

Kelly Kim

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The BodyTalk System seeks to address the "whole person." This means that no aspect of the human psyche can be overlooked, be it emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. The BodyPsychology series delves into understanding the 'mental' aspects of physiology. What is the mentality of the heart, or the shoulders, or any part of the body? And how does that mentality play into disease and illness. Have you ever thought, "What would it be like to be the heart?".

This series of courses will cultivate an understanding of the relationship between physical well being and psychological well being of all of the parts of the body. You will experience "a day in the life" of certain body parts and explore their untold stories.

Understanding the psychology of the body will help connect the dots between disease in the body and your life experience. These courses will show you how the body expresses our psychological make-up. This will bring an important shift in awareness for you so that you will recognize how simply profound this concept is. So much so, that you will look back and say "how did I not see that".