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Embracing Our Demons 3 - Package of 7 Satsangs

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Package of 7 Satsangs with Esther Veltheim
Embracing our Demons - Real Self Care in Times of Struggle

These unique classes teach you the art of deconstructive thinking; exposing and defusing mental triggers.  Guided by Esther, listening to the audio recordings you will be able to follow along and participate with the group in your own time. The light this work sheds on the hidden associations we have with every day concepts is nothing short of transformational.
Esther Veltheim

 Esther is co-founder of the Interntional BodyTalk System (IBA). She is the developer of the BreakThrough System, a dynamic process of self-inquiry and one of the key Life Science courses taught under the umbrella of the IBA. Esther conducts advanced workshops in BreakThrough, both internationally and in the U.S.A. She also runs ongoing Instructor Training programs for BreakThrough.

Esther is the author of Beyond Concepts: The Investigation of Who You Are Not and Who Am I?: The Seeker's Guide to Nowhere.

β€œTo sharpen our intellect is not something many of us have been taught to do. Many educational institutions and religions and philosophies have taught us quite the opposite: dependence and subservience. They have taught us to even undertake practices to dull our intellect. The practice of sharpening our intellect might well be called an unlearning process. We are not getting rid of anything at all. We are simply breaking the habit using one of the most brilliant tools we have in a very limited way.”
– Esther

Course Description

Like any Satsang, ours has nothing to do with answers. We all already have way too many answers. Our focus will be on something far more interesting; on discovering questions we have never thought to ask before. This is when the magic begins. This is self-inquiry.

In this series of audio Satsangs, we explore the art of questioning and self-inquiry. As is always the case with self-inquiry, our investigation is ontological; we explore the nature of being. Our focus is on every-day human experiences that we all feel intimately familiar with and struggle with. As each of our Satsangs unfold, by means of simple deduction, we discover that nothing at all is as it seems to be. This is a process of unlearning, which has absolutely nothing to do with forgetting. Unlearning simply means recognizing the contents of the mind for what they are not; a commentary on YOU.

This series includes seven interactive Satsang gatherings that Esther audio recorded and shares with students here exploring each of the following topics:

1. Empathy and Apathy
2. Food
3. Death, Life and Me
4. Addiction and Will
5. Perfection and Worry
6. Sabotage and Being Human
7. Guilt and Deserving