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Human Sexuality

English (US)
14   CEUs

Price USD 640.00
Course Overview


Human sexuality is one of the most important subjects we will ever study because all of us exist as sexual beings from birth until death. Having an understanding of our bodies, how we develop physically and psychologically, and how we create healthy sexual and personal relationships is all included in this fascinating course that explores every aspect of human sexuality, from masturbation to couple's sex therapy. The course content is of particular importance to those working in the healing and helping professions since fears, misunderstandings and shame around sex often contribute to or underlie a great deal of psychological stress and disease manifestation. Sexuality cannot be separated from childbirth, the rearing of children, the formation of romantic relationships, the health of the endocrine and reproductive organs, and ultimately our relationship to ourselves and our bodies.


This course is grounded in science and the research that informs science. It draws from the fields of biology, psychology and sociology in addition to the ever-growing realm of modern sexual research. The lectures are delivered by Lauren, who brings the college textbook to life with real-life applications to both our personal sexual relationships and the professional realm of working with patients or clients. The student completing this course will find themselves with a more thorough understanding of themselves, sex, and the diverse sexual world in which we live. They will have the ability to discuss sexuality in an informed and confident manner. Sexual education is a human right, and this course will not fail to deliver everything you have ever wanted to know about sex!

Your Instructor

Lauren Brim, Ph.D.

Lauren is a doctor of human sexuality and an Instructor and Advanced Practitioner of the BodyTalk System. Her studies in sexuality began as a student of midwifery and continued with her doctoral thesis researching male sexuality. Her clinical work with couples has helped eliminate the barriers they encounter individually and collectively to satisfying sex, intimacy and communication. She combines more than a decade of work as a sexual coach with two decades in the BodyTalk System to tackle mismatched libido, sexual dysfunction, performance issues, pleasure education, and sexual and relationship satisfaction.

Lauren adores teaching and is excited to offer courses on PaRama Campus in addition to her collection of other online and in-person courses. Lauren is also the author of five books on sexuality and intimacy. She lives in Los Angeles with her family.


“The intimacy in sex is never only physical. In a sexual relationship we may discover who we are in ways otherwise unavailable to us, and at the same time we allow our partner to see and know that individual. As we unveil our bodies, we also disclose our persons.”
– Course Textbook, Understanding Human Sexuality by Janet Shibly Hyde and John D. Delamater

What You Will Learn

This will be a college-level human sexuality course that will cover:

1. Sexuality in Perspective
- Sex in the media
- Sexuality across cultures and times
- Societal norms and sexuality
- Sexual orientation and gender
- Sexual behavior

2. Theoretical Perspectives on Sexuality
- Thinking critically about sexuality
- Sex research methods
- Sex researchers
- Contemporary research

3. Sexual Anatomy, Hormones and Arousal
- Female and male sex organs
- Health care of the sex organs
- Sex hormones and the menstrual cycle
- The sexual response cycle

4. Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth
- Conception
- Pregnancy and birth
- Postpartum and breastfeeding
- Infertility and treatments
- Hormonal birth control, implants and condoms
- Fertility awareness and contraception

5. Sexuality in Childhood, Adolescence and Adulthood
- Infancy and the preschool years
- Childhood and adolescence
- College years
- Sex and the single person 
- Cohabitation and marriage/nonmonogamy
- Sex in later life


6. Attraction, Love and Communication, and Sexual Arousal
- Attraction
- Intimacy
- Theories of love
- Love research
- Communication
- Neural and hormonal bases of arousal
- Sexual techniques

7. Gender and Sexual Orientation 
- Gender roles, stereotypes and differences
- Transgender/Transexual
- Attitudes and life experiences of LGBT
- Sexual orientation and mental health

8. Sexual Variations and Disorders, Therapy and STIs
- Fetishism, BDSM and kink
- Hypersexuality and asexuality
- Cybersex, sexual variations and treatments
- Sexual disorders and therapies
- Preventing STIs

9. Sexual Coercion, Sex work, Ethics, the Law, and Sex Education
- Rape, child sex abuse, and sexual harassment
- Sex work and pornography
- Technology and sexual ethics
- Sex and the law
- Sexuality education 

Required Textbook

The maximum learning and experience of this course will only be had by reading the accompanying textbook, Understanding Human Sexuality by Janet Shibley Hyde and John D. DeLamater, using either Edition 13 or 14. The textbook can be purchased or rented in e-book form or paperback via most online marketplaces. Each lesson will have chapters from the textbook that are meant to be read either before or after each lesson depending on your learning style.

The course also includes PDFs of the presentation for each lecture and a homework assignment to further integrate the material designed by Lauren.