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Hydration Extension

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Course Overview

Water, the ubiquitous liquid that sustains all life on our blue planet, is an enigma that fascinates scientists and philosophers alike. From its incredible properties that set it apart from other substances to its mysterious behavior at the molecular level, water remains one of the most amazing and least understood substances on Earth. Despite its abundance, the depths of its complexities still elude us, leaving us to marvel at the wonders of this miraculous liquid.

In this three-hour course, we will delve into water and its significance in the BodyTalk Hydration technique and BodyTalk in general. Hydration is a vital aspect covered in BodyTalk Fundamentals and BodyTalk Access. Understanding water better will not only help the BodyTalk Hydration technique to work more profoundly, but an awareness of its special properties can enhance many facets of life.

Sherry Gilbert


Sherry Gilbert is a Senior Certified BodyTalk Instructor, MindScape Instructor, BodyTalk Access Trainer, Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, and a student of PaRama BodyTalk. She teaches all of the core and advanced BodyTalk modules and can train others to become Instructors. The experience of having been taught by both John and Esther Veltheim, the founders of this great system, as well as several other Senior BodyTalk instructors, has brought great depth to Sherry's journey of healing as well as to her sessions. Sherry continues her studies with PaRama BodyTalk College. She is also a Reiki Master.

Sherry's health journey has been amazing, with BodyTalk helping to address severe allergies, ovarian cysts and atrophy, back pain, restless sleep, relationships with family and friends, and overall well-being. She has noticed incredible shifts in her family’s health and was able to reduce the number of medical prescriptions she was taking from more than 20 in 2007 down to 4 in 2008.

Sherry and her family operated a cattle ranch for 20 years and she continues to work with ranch animals. BodyTalk for Animals has truly been an asset to the health and care of ranch animals. The health of the herd animals has drastically improved, from being susceptible to several parasites to completely eliminating the symptoms and greatly reducing mortality! The cattle, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, and birds have all reaped the benefits of BodyTalk for Animals. As the animals shift, so does the family, and vice versa. BodyTalk is truly energy medicine for everyone!

Truly honored and privileged, Sherry has been called to the bedside of dying clients to have BodyTalk ease their discomfort, reduce their fears, and bring about a calm, peaceful place to fully let go. The loved ones around these clients have also reported similar experiences within themselves during the session. Sherry has witnessed the same shifts with the animals she has worked with too.

While Sherry can teach all the BodyTalk modules, she graduated to instruct BodyTalk Access in May of 2009 and has been passionate about teaching it ever since. BodyTalk Access is healthcare that can be used at home and by communities everywhere. It brings the power of health to everyone’s fingertips! In just six hours, anyone can learn five techniques that can be done in less than 10 minutes a day to create astounding changes to personal health and enjoyment of life. BodyTalk Access is healthcare accessible to everyone, young and old, in all lifestyles and occupations. Book a class for your friends, family, co-workers, business, sports team, church group… you name it!

BodyTalk Fundamentals is also a great way to bring about personal healing as well as an opportunity to begin a career in this revolutionary healthcare system. Sherry began instructing this four-day course in October of 2012. Students have remarked "I just took it because I take a lot of classes. I never expected it to transform my life!"

In 2015, Sherry instructed her first MindScape course and has traveled across Canada expanding minds and exploring what is possible when we tap into our higher capacity of being. Sherry is passionate about understanding how the mind works, realizing how interconnected everything is and how powerfully it influences health. "I can't wait for MindScape to become a way of living life, like it is for you!" remarked a student in New Brunswick.

Sherry travels near and far, as well as offering online courses. If you would like to bring Sherry to your area or arrange an online course with her, she can be reached at 1-306-625-7132 or

Take your health into your own hands!


"Water is the foundation of life: It has unlimited flexibility and an unlimited ability to bind with outside influences."

– Dr. Thomas Cowan

Course Description

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Importance of hydration for human health
  • The role of water in the body's physiological processes
  • The different forms of water in the body
  • The research of Masaru Emoto
  • Consciousness and memory of water
  • The "observer effect" as related to water
  • Energetic influences on water sources
  • Structured water (EZ water) and the research of Dr. Gerald Pollack
  • Digestive system and EZ water
  • Cardiovascular system and EZ water
  • Emotional associations of water
  • Sources of water and enhancing the quality
  • Belief systems and water
  • BodyTalk and Hydration
  • Water applications in daily life

Resources that come with the course include the complete printable PowerPoint presentation.

Additionally, BodyTalk Practitioners who are IBA Members will receive a chart that provides many ideas and options for getting further details when navigating the BodyTalk Protocol chart as related to water. This resource will be available in the IBA Member downloads area after completing the course.