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Group BodyTalk Session - Harmony Unveiled: Beauty of Symmetry

English (US)
1   CEUs

Price USD 75.00


Group Session series offer an opportunity for anyone to partake in a remote pre-recorded BodyTalk session with top Instructors in the BodyTalk System. Instructors tune into the collective energy of all those who will listen in the present or future, providing a session that can offer powerful benefits to anyone who may view the session. Countless testimonials have demonstrated that viewing these sessions at any time and tapping them out can be just as effective as receiving sessions in real time in person. In fact, group sessions are often more powerful because they are amplified by the shared observations and experiences of a large group. Additionally, for BodyTalk Practitioners, remote group sessions increase understanding of important BodyTalk concepts that can be brought into sessions with clients and provide an opportunity for shifts in both the practitioner's and the client's health, consciousness, and perception.

Terryann Nikides
BA Psych, SrBrI, CBP, MT, Reiki Master

On her journey, Terryann has cultivated a wealth of experience and knowledge, dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of her clients. With well over two decades of practice she provides her services in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with heartfelt commitment to holistic healing. What follows are some notable aspects of her work.
With a passion that spans more than 50 years, Terryann has been reading Tarot. Through tarot, she assists individuals in identifying changes that may be needed to release karmic burdens from past lives.
In 1998, she attained the level of Reiki Master and embarked on transformative journeys to Tibet and India, where she deepened her own reiki practice and shared her knowledge and teachings with others.
Terryann also became a massage therapist further enhancing her skills.
In 2003, she discovered the BodyTalk System, diving quickly into taking classes with Dr. John Veltheim. Two years later she met the founder of the BreakThrough System, Esther Veltheim. Meeting Esther was as though she had finally arrived home. She embarked immediately into BreakThrough 1 Instructor training. Ever since, she has been dedicated to teaching at home and internationally. She has since trained as a Senior BreakThrough 1 Instructor.
Currently, Terryann offers online group courses, sessions and private sessions. She can be contacted at


“Nature builds up her refined and invisible architecture. With a delicacy eluding our conception, yet with symmetry and beauty which we are never weary of admiring.”
– John Hershel

Session Description

This session utilizes the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Mean (also called Golden Ratio) in a three-dimensional approach to harmonize symmetry in the body-mind complex. It specifically addresses the symmetry of the five physical and subtle senses with a special emphasis on the fascial system. The results can be aesthetically pleasing but, more importantly, they evoke a sense of well-being. Furthermore, the power of “matrix symmetry” is harnessed to identify and rectify imbalances in various aspects of life, encompassing health, finance, work, and family. The repairing and balancing of matrices through symmetry often yield results that can be described as nothing short of miraculous. Previously closed doors can effortlessly swing open, ushering in new possibilities.