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Group BodyTalk Session - Healthy Sexuality Series

English (US)
3   CEUs

Price USD 150.00

Group Session series offer an opportunity for anyone to partake in a remote pre-recorded BodyTalk session with top Instructors in the BodyTalk System. Instructors tune into the collective energy of all those who will listen in the present or future, providing a session that can offer powerful benefits to anyone who may view the session. Countless testimonials have demonstrated that viewing these sessions at any time and tapping them out can be just as effective as receiving sessions in real time in person. In fact, group sessions are often more powerful because they are amplified by the shared observations and experiences of a large group. Additionally, for BodyTalk Practitioners, remote group sessions increase understanding of important BodyTalk concepts that can be brought into sessions with clients and provide an opportunity for shifts in both the practitioner's and the client's health, consciousness, and perception.

Lauren Brim, Ph.D.

Lauren is a doctor of human sexuality and an Instructor and Advanced Practitioner of the BodyTalk System. Her studies in sexuality began as a student of midwifery and continued with her doctoral thesis researching male sexuality. Her clinical work with couples has helped eliminate the barriers they encounter individually and collectively to satisfying sex, intimacy and communication. She combines more than a decade of work as a sexual coach with two decades in the BodyTalk System to tackle mismatched libido, sexual dysfunction, performance issues, pleasure education, and sexual and relationship satisfaction.

Lauren adores teaching and is excited to offer courses on PaRama Campus in addition to her collection of online and in-person courses. Lauren is also the author of five books on sexuality and intimacy. She lives in Los Angeles with her family.

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”
– John Joseph Powell
Session Description

This group session series will support you in your sexual and relationship health. Most individuals struggle with their relationship to sexuality, the body and intimacy because they learned that sexuality, desire and the genitals are dirty, sinful and should be repressed. When you add to this generations of trauma and shame around sex--and a lack of discourse that normalizes healthy sexuality--you can see why we have so many issues, individually and collectively, around sex. Distortions, shame and trauma around the body are the foundation of lack of pleasure with sexuality. Additionally, shame and trauma around sexuality feed into numbness, pain and dis-ease in the body. Combining these various elements becomes a vicious cycle that can only be broken with healing work and transparent, accurate, sex-positive education. This series works to shed light on your limiting or distorted belief systems around sexuality. When such patterns are revealed and explored, you can step into a healthy relationship with your body, your sexuality and your desire, which is the foundation for pleasure, intimacy and communication in your relationships. This series is designed for the single person as much as the partnered and for any stage of your sexuality and any sexual orientation. Join us for creating more freedom in your sexual expression, greater vitality, and more pleasure and sensuality in both your sexual experiences and in life.