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BodyTalk in the Treatment of Cancer

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Course Overview

At the 2013 Members’ Conference, Wilma Grobbelaar and Dale Fox gave an informative and thoughtful presentation on the various facets of dealing with clients who are battling cancer. Educating yourself at a basic level on some of the factors involved in this imbalance will help to clarify the quality of your questions when asking innate for the priority. If you work with clients dealing with any type of cancer at any stage of their treatment, this is a presentation you won’t want to miss.

Wilma Grobbelaar

Wilma Grobbelaar practices as an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner (AdvCBP), PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner (PaBP) and Advanced BodyTalk Instructor (AdvCBI). Wilma started her newly found full-time career in the Natural Health field by registering for her first BodyTalk course in March 2003. Since then, she has done all the courses and continues to study so that she may offer the public an opportunity to take responsibility for their health and become part of the healing process. Wilma's dream to establish a practice with an integrated approach materialized in 2007 when six other practitioners joined her.

Wilma's personal experiences and those of her clients convinced her that the BodyTalk System is the ultimate natural modality within the ambit of the healing arts for practitioner and client. She has observed, within herself and many of her clients, different stages of the transformation process due to subtle yet comprehensive shifts that occur with BodyTalk.

Wilma's comphrehensive 30-year Nursing career in the fields of general nursing, midwifery, operating theater, cancer, community health, administration, and education adds to her wealth of knowlege and skills that complement her approach to her clients and her sessions.

Wilma has a special interest in the health and educational needs of children and has a large child client base. Growing up on a farm instilled a love of animals. Needless to say, she also has a large animal clientiele.

Teaching various BodyTalk courses allows for the fullfillment of Wilma's passion to teach and develop people to practice this system in South Africa and abroad. She is available for talks and the offering of courses. Health and lifestyle coaching is one of the latest services she offers to help people meet the challenges of living in a modern society.

Dale Fox

Dale started her professional career in 1970, her speciality being cardiothoracic surgery. Dale was in charge of the operating theater and was assistant to South African surgeon Christiaan Barnard, who performed the world's first heart transplant.

The untimely death of Dale's father led to her entering the engineering field, which resulted in many successful business ventures in the steel industry. In spite of Dale's entrepreneurship and allopathic background, she has always felt the pull of holistic and natural modalities. In addition to her business ventures, she studied Advanced Reflexology, Craniosacral therapy and gained her Reiki Mastership. She completed her BA in Psychology with Jung as her elective.

Dale's BodyTalk journey includes Bodytalk Fundamentals, Advanced Practical, Principles of Consciousness, Macrocosmic BodyMind, Matrix Dynamics, Access for Animals, Finding Health and Structral Integration Concepts. She also completed MindScape, Advanced MindScape, BreakThrough, BreakThrough Practical, Breakthrough 2, and Free Fall. In 2008, she qualified as a MindScape Instructor.

In 2009, Dale left the steel industry to fulfill her dream of working full-time in her own busy BodyTalk and healing practice in Cape Town, South Africa, teaching MindScape and working with humans and animals alike, out in nature, or in her office.

"Some patients, though conscious that their condition is perilous, recover their health simply through their contentment with the goodness of the physician."

Course Description

Wilma and Dale discuss some of the history of cancer as well as the belief systems that persist to this day around this challenging disease. They provide insights into current cancer research and treatments, as well as an explanation of exactly what has gone wrong in those rogue cancer cells. The goal of their presentation is to show BodyTalk practitioners how to work with their cancer clients both on and off the treatment table. They provide many examples of possible perspectives from which cancer might be addressed via BodyTalk techniques and links. Environment as a key factor in cancer is also explored. Finally, the presenters insightfully address how working with the cancer client is also an opportunity to work with your own mirror and projections.