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Punk Science and BodyTalk

English (US)
8   CEUs

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Course Overview

In 2003, Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton made an unexpected and startling discovery that she realized could have massive implications for our understanding of the cosmos. She published an initial summary in the journal of the British Holistic Medical Association and a further exploration in the book, Punk Science published in 2006. In this fun and fascinating presentation from the 2013 Members’ Conference, Manjir takes us on a journey through the quantum mechanical principals underlying the black hole phenomenon.   

Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton

Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton, MBBS Dip Bio-energy (MD in the United States), is an international speaker and author of several books.

She trained as a medical doctor and GP in London. While in medical school, she turned from skeptic into mystic when she had an unexpected spiritual awakening, a kundalini experience. Since then, she has been on a quest to link ideas from cutting-edge science with spirituality. She trained as a bio-energy healer with the Plexus Bio-Energy Institute, now famous for having assisted Michael Flatley with his recent recovery. She also worked as a holistic doctor for the world renowned Bristol Cancer Help Centre.

In 2002, a series of extraordinary events unfolded which led to Manjir leaving the medical profession and entering onto her true path. In 2006, her first book, Punk Science, was published by O-Books. It has received worldwide acclaim. In this book, she describes her new theories of cosmology which place black holes at the center of a conscious, creative universe.

In 2008, Manjir joined the prestigious Hokkaido Science Symposium in Japan with seven other scientists and philosophers from around the world. Then in 2009 her second book was published. The Genius Groove further describes the connections between the latest ideas in science and their applications in daily life. These concepts are geared toward helping readers find their path.

A forthcoming project includes a book, The Magdalene Prophecies, which will bring together science and ancient philosophies as well as Manjir's series of mystical visions involving Mary Magdalene dating back to 2001.

Manjir is a popular speaker and frequently appears in the U.K. and abroad, often at universities. She also has been interviewed by many radio and TV stations, including the BBC, as well as being a regular guest on Edge Media TV.

"An age is called Dark, not because the light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see."
–James Albert Michener

Course Description

In this course, Manjir explains the astrophysics of black holes combined with her own amazing insights. She explains that black holes are creative, rather than destructive, forces in the universe and that they are actually sources of infinite light that frequently exist in dimensions outside of our perception. The presentation goes further to explain what is called the Perception Horizon, a sort of dividing line between what is manifest in our three-dimensional world, compared to all that is beyond it. Manjir’s Black Hole Principle is then applied down at the level of the cell in terms of fractal dynamics. The presentation is truly an exploration of how the Black Hole Principle can be applied at all levels of life, be it universal, cellular, planetary, or specific to our BodyTalk sessions.