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Advanced BodyTalk Protocol and Procedure

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BodyTalk Fundamentals for Animals IBA
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Course Overview

The Advanced Exploring Procedures course teaches the student how to expand their concepts about revealing formulas from the basic linking of separate items to revealing much more complex and powerful formulas that involve linking multiple variables simultaneously. Each person is very complex with their own personal history, attitudes, beliefs, traumas and stresses. Learning to reveal the more complex formulas will help the student take the next step in being able to address the more problematic cases.  


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Advanced BodyTalk Protocol and Procedure

Let's start by exploring the importance of staying "in-the-box" in an out-of-the-box system. Yes, as fun as it is to get all creative and funky, we've got to get down to the important details and systems first. We want to set you up for success, make sure you’re always in the loop, and prepare you well for all the adventures that lie ahead.

This course was lovingly developed by the PaRama Campus team, a plethora of open minds collaborated to create the content, structure, technology and good times you’re about to enjoy. A big thank you to the entire team including the authors, designers and reviewers for your contribution to the success of this course and the many inspired offerings that make up PaRama Campus. And of course, a high five to you, the student and adventurer, who is considering embarking on this journey with us. None of us would be here if it wasn't for you and that inquisitive mind of yours!

"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge." 
- Thomas Berger

Course Description
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You will learn 6 new additions to using the Exploring Procedure. Each addition expands the ability to reveal more advanced and complex formulas that more accurately represent the complex interdependence of many of the elements of the client’s issues. This results in restoration of a healthier state of balance, quicker and more completely.

You learned in the Fundamentals class to avoid having agendas in your session. You will now learn to more effectively use the concept of agendas from a different and more useful point of view.

Your sessions have been up until this point focused on the whole of the client only. You will now learn to go deeper and perform sessions on various aspects of the client or aspects of the formula itself.

Learning to link one item to another up until this point has metaphorically been like simple math, 1+1=2. Your formulas now will take on a new and more advanced way of solving a client’s problems similar to the concept of performing more advanced math is capable of solving more advanced problems.

Each person’s bodymind holds habitual imbalances, which can often undo the work of a first formula before a second or third formula is tapped out. You now will learn how to reveal formulas that are tapped out in parallel to avoid this unraveling effect.

You will also learn how to use parts of a formula that act similarly to the global positioning system, or GPS, on your car. These satellites are seen as beaming their information down to a part of parts of the formula to help them solve themselves and get from point A to point B.

This course takes your BodyTalk sessions to the next step and is a pre-requisite for any of the advanced courses.