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Group BodyTalk Session - Weight and Self Image: Emotional and Psychological Factors

English (US)
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Price USD 45.00

Course Overview

This is an opportunity for anyone to partake in a group BodyTalk session with the Founder of the BodyTalk System, Dr. John Veltheim. These sessions were done at a distance and recorded from an online LiveStream broadcast. Whether listening live or at a later date, these sessions will increase your understanding of important BodyTalk concepts and provide an opportunity for shifts in consciousness and perception.

John Veltheim

John Veltheim is the founder of The BodyTalk System. He is cofounder of both the International BodyTalk Association and the International BodyTalk Foundation, which helps fund research and offers BodyTalk Access to people in places where healthcare is not readily available.

He is formally trained as a chiropractor and acupuncturist and served as Principal of the Brisbane College of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies for five years. Dr. Veltheim''s extensive postgraduate studies include applied kinesiology and Bioenergetic therapy. He has also studied osteopathy and sports medicine.

His other areas of expertise include counseling, comparative philosophy, and theology. John also has extensive knowledge in the field of quantum physics and consciousness and has spent much time lecturing internationally on these topics.

Dr. Veltheim has written numerous magazine and journal articles on BodyTalk and his other areas of expertise. Recently, Dr. Veltheim’s work was published in the Journal of Alternative Medicine Research. The journal’s publishers were so impressed with his development of The BodyTalk System, they dedicated an entire volume solely to articles about BodyTalk.

He is the published author of several books on the topics of Reiki, acupuncture and BodyTalk. He has created numerous BodyTalk courses and developed the PaRama BodyTalk program where science meets healing at the highest level.

"I want to lose weight by eating nothing but moon pies, which have significantly less gravity than earthier foods such as fruits and vegetables."
–Jarod Kintz

Course Description

John offered themed, group BodyTalk sessions from a distance. This session focuses on Weight and Self-Image with an emphasis on genetics, cultural conditioning, diet, and self-acceptance.

Are group sessions effective?
Yes. Group sessions are a great opportunity for healing. The presence of the group increases the number of observers and therefore increases the impact of the session. Also, the increased understanding of the group amplifies the possibility for a shift in consciousness or perception for everyone.

Are the sessions still effective if I purchase them at a later date?
Yes. It is not necessary to be present for the live session. Listening to the sessions at a later time will still connect you to the energy of the group. You will experience new insights and also benefit from the shifts in perspective gained by the whole group.

What are Distance Sessions?
For some people, the concept of balancing consciousness at a distance is relatively palatable. However, for others, it is not well understood or accepted. Because BodyTalk is working at the level of consciousness (where it can influence the mind, energy systems, and physical body), it is possible to do from afar and still be effective.

“Group sessions with John Veltheim are an experience like no other. It always amazes me because as I listen to the unfolding of the session, it resonates so much with what I am going through in my life that I feel like the session is just for me.”
-Lasha Watson