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Eastern Medicine

English (US)
24   CEUs

Price USD 450.00

Course Overview

Eastern Medicine focuses on developing a holistic understanding of the functional organization, the interconnections, and, most importantly, the relationships between the various energy systems of the body. There is a particular focus on Kundalini as the primary source of all the energy in the body as well as a focus on the 12 main meridians and 8 ancestral meridians. This highly in-depth course will redefine the practical approach to therapy of all energy-based healthcare systems, including BodyTalk.

Course Creator: John Veltheim

John Veltheim is the founder of The BodyTalk System. He is cofounder of both the International BodyTalk Association and the International BodyTalk Foundation, which helps fund research and offers BodyTalk Access to people in places where healthcare is not readily available.

He is formally trained as a chiropractor and acupuncturist and served as Principal of the Brisbane College of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies for five years. Dr. Veltheim's extensive postgraduate studies include applied kinesiology and Bioenergetic therapy. He has also studied osteopathy and sports medicine.

His other areas of expertise include counseling, comparative philosophy, and theology. John also has extensive knowledge in the field of quantum physics and consciousness and has spent much time lecturing internationally on these topics.

Dr. Veltheim has written numerous magazine and journal articles on BodyTalk and his other areas of expertise. His work has been published in the Journal of Alternative Medicine Research. The journal’s publishers were so impressed with his development of The BodyTalk System, they dedicated an entire volume solely to articles about BodyTalk.

John is also the published author of several books on the topics of Reiki, acupuncture and BodyTalk. He has created numerous BodyTalk courses and developed the PaRama BodyTalk program where science meets healing at the highest level.

"If you genuinely want something, don’t wait for it – teach yourself to be impatient."
–Gurbaksh Chahal

Course Description

Treating the bodymind via the energy systems has been practiced for centuries. It is currently enjoying a significant increase in popularity because of the way biophysics has redefined science in its understanding of body physiology. There is, however, a significant weakness in this study. Upon examining the systems, we realize how fragmented the information is.

In most cases, each system of energy medicine is practiced as an isolated, closed system. Sometimes, it is called integrative or holistic medicine. The “holistic” label, however, merely implies that it is focusing outside of the somewhat limited parameters of allopathic medicine. In some instances, the energy systems are integrated with one another or even into the standard medical model. However, this does not mean they are “integrative” medicine in the truest sense of the word.

A truly integrated healthcare model must incorporate all of the energy systems, as well as wisdom from current medicine practices. This course will provide you with a:

Comparison of traditional medical systems
It will outline all the important knowledge of each system (Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, Kundalini, Chakras) that can be effectively utilized in all energy-based systems, particularly BodyTalk. This will also enhance your ability to intuitively discern treatment approaches.

Comprehensive investigation into Kundalini energy
It will examine Kundalini awakening, symptoms, dysfunction, uses in yoga, sources, sexuality, the Kundalini gland, and how Kundalini participates in the healing process.

Comprehensive look at the 12 main and 8 extra ancestral meridians
It will thoroughly review the 12 basic meridians of Chinese medicine including their function, symptoms, and consciousness. There will be a similar approach to the 8 extra (ancestral) meridians and their important role in genetic disease and balancing the main meridians. Plus, a unique system of treatment of the ancestral meridians using the BodyTalk System will be taught.

Discussion of where energy comes from and how it enters the body
Physiology tells us that only 30 percent of our energy needs come from food. This course will touch on the role of the various torus fields used to pump energy into the system from the Zero Point Field.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Summarize key features of Kundalini energy including its sources, the different pathways of kundalini activation, and the awakening process.

  2. Describe how Kundalini is used by the body in its own healing processes.

  3. Explain the relationship between Kundalini and healthy sexual expression.

  4. Identify the cycles of someone going through a Kundalini awakening process, the symptoms, and the first aid procedures to calm symptoms.

  5. Explain the structure, function and significance of the Kundalini gland.

  6. Describe the inappropriate ways to stimulate Kundalini and the symptoms of pathological Kundalini.

  7. Describe the hierarchy of consciousness and how consciousness is expressed in various parts of the body as it originates from the Sushumna.

  8. List and describe the 12 Primary Meridians of Chinese Medicine including their functions, symptoms, consciousness and balancing strategies.

  9. List and describe the 8 extra Ancestral Meridians, including their role in the bodymind and specific balancing strategies.

  10. Identify the characteristics, common pathologies and strengthening strategies of the chakras.

  11. Describe key differences between the major energy systems of the body and how they can be applied within energy-based systems of health care.

  12. Explain how the natural rhythms of the environment influence the bodymind and disease processes.

  13. Give multiple examples of how the information presented in this course can be specifically applied in BodyTalk formulas.