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CDRRRII Plug-In (Updated)

English (US)
4   CEUs

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Course Overview

The CDRRRII formula embodies the essence of BodyTalk. It is a plug-in that combines a variety of concepts and functions to help bring rapid awareness and repair to a particular body part or relationship. It embodies the principles of dynamic systems theory by helping to bring a particular aspect of the body-mind into better communication, alignment and synchronization with every other part.
Originally taught only at the advanced PaRama level of study, it has become clear that the CDRRRII is an important technique for all practitioners to learn. It is a highly useful and powerful plug-in formula. The CDRRRII helps bring about profound and lasting repair in areas of the body where it is used. It is also a technique that can be used to restore a healthy relationship between various body parts or between an individual and elements of their outer world.

As more people learn and apply the CDRRRII in practice, the matrix surrounding it will become stronger, and the more potent the technique will become for all BodyTalk practitioners.

John Veltheim

John Veltheim is the founder of The BodyTalk System. He is cofounder of both the International BodyTalk Association and the International BodyTalk Foundation, which helps fund research and offers BodyTalk Access to people in places where healthcare is not readily available.

He is formally trained as a chiropractor and acupuncturist and served as Principal of the Brisbane College of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies for five years. Dr. Veltheim's extensive postgraduate studies include applied kinesiology and Bioenergetic therapy. He has also studied osteopathy and sports medicine.

His other areas of expertise include counseling, comparative philosophy, and theology. John also has extensive knowledge in the field of quantum physics and consciousness and has spent much time lecturing internationally on these topics.

Dr. Veltheim has written numerous magazine and journal articles on BodyTalk and his other areas of expertise. Recently, Dr. Veltheim’s work was published in the Journal of Alternative Medicine Research. The journal’s publishers were so impressed with his development of The BodyTalk System, they dedicated an entire volume solely to articles about BodyTalk.

He is the published author of several books on the topics of Reiki, acupuncture and BodyTalk. He has created numerous BodyTalk courses and developed the PaRama BodyTalk program where science meets healing at the highest level.

"Energy is the inherent effort of every multiplicity to become unity."

– Henry Brooks Adams

Course Description

This course will teach you about the dynamics of plug-ins and explore the fundamental principles behind illness and disease. There will be a focus on looking at programs as the method by which the body initiates all activity. The CDRRRII formula will be explored as a way of bringing awareness and repair to the body's programs.

All the component items that make up the CDRRRII formula will be clarified and examined individually. You will learn additional types of circulation that were previously only taught in advanced PaRama training. You will also learn how the individual parts of the CDRRRII can be applied as standalone techniques. When you finish the course, you will have a solid understanding of why the CDRRRII is an essential part of the BodyTalk protocol.