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Everywhere Yet Nowhere: Multiple Perspectives on the Three Heater

English (US)
4   CEUs

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Course Overview

In this presentation from the 2017 Members Conference, internationally regarded scholar, teacher, and practitioner of Chinese medicine, Lonny Jarrett, examines the Three Heater from multiple perspectives.

Lonny’s presentation will take you on an exploration of the Three Heater and its relationship to consciousness, the unconscious, and the ego. Lonny helps students to understand how these principles correlate with the heart, enteric, and head brains respectively. In sharing his insights into this key aspect of the human system, Lonny’s intent is to deepen your work with BodyTalk exponentially.

In Lonny's own words:
"Only in life do fire and water interpenetrate without destroying each other. In a sense Chinese medicine is a science of integrity diagnosing the separation of, and seeking to rekindle communication, between yin and yang. The Three Heater (TH) official, also called the San Jiao, offers a perfect example of the Chinese emphasis on function over form. The functioning of the Three Heater is pervasive, yet it is not found in any specific location. In this sense, the TH may be likened to the Mysterious Pass (the portal between being and non-being) and its physiological correlate, mingmen (The Gate of Destiny)."

Lonny Jarrett

Lonny S. Jarrett, M. Ac., author of Nourishing Destiny, The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine and The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, has been practicing in Stockbridge, Massachusetts since 1986. He is a founding board member of the Acupuncture Society Of Massachusetts and a Fellow of the National Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He holds a master’s degree in neurobiology and a fourth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He was recently featured in the text, “The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling” by best selling author Stephen Cope. Lonny hosts Nourishing Destiny, an online community for 3,000 practitioners of Chinese medicine worldwide. His books are available at Spirit Path Press and his teaching schedule can be seen at

"Men in time return again to the mysterious workings. So all creatures come out of the mysterious workings and go back to them again."
– Zhuang Zi

Course Description

This course examines the Three Heater (TH, also called the Triple Burner meridian) in relationship to consciousness, the unconscious, and ego as correlates of the heart, enteric, and head respectively. Lonny elaborates upon the interaction of shen (spirit, consciousness), ling (soul, the upper heater), and jing (potential, the unconscious, lower heater) as they are mediated in the middle jiao by the wood and earth elements.

The lecture examines the diaphragm as the embodiment of the wall between consciousness and the unconscious. The discussion also includes a look at the chakras and their relationship to the Three Heater official. Lonny then addresses some of the key functions of the TH and the HP (Heart Protector/Pericardium) channels in terms of their inner functions and the meanings of their names. Lastly, he presents how to diagnose the Three Heater according to contemporary pulse diagnosis.