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BreakThrough 7 Steps Study Group 1 - Exploring Themes

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BreakThrough 1 IBA

Course Overview

No matter how long ago or how recently you took a BreakThrough 1 course, Esther Veltheim’s BreakThrough 7 Steps Study Groups are designed to give you more confidence in leading someone through the 7 Steps process.

Esther Veltheim

Esther is co-founder of the Interntional BodyTalk System (IBA). She is the developer of the BreakThrough System, a dynamic process of self-inquiry and one of the key Life Science courses taught under the umbrella of the IBA. Esther conducts advanced workshops in BreakThrough, both internationally and in U.S.A. She also runs ongoing Instructor Training programs for BreakThrough.

Esther is the author of Beyond Concepts: The Investigation of Who You Are Not and Who Am I?: The Seeker's Guide to Nowhere.

" "Relax. Nothing is under control."

– Adi Da Samraj

Course Description

In this Study Group, we focus on Step 1, the art of finding a Trigger. Before you start to consider possible Triggers from the Story, it is very helpful to find the central Theme to the Story. In this gathering, Esther and the participants explore Themes and the Triggers that relate to them. There is great depth and subtlety to be found in this process.