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Q&A: The Struggle with Self

English (US)
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Course Overview

In BodyTalk, we often discuss or address the concept of active memory—or historical thinking as Esther calls it. When engaged in historical thinking, we tend to make a lot of assumptions. One of the key components to having a healthy Three Brain Complex is to challenge our assumptions. This Question and Answer Session focuses on the process of self-inquiry as it pertains to our struggle with self. Self-inquiry questions all learned information, stories and our assumptions about them. 

Esther Veltheim


Esther is co-founder of the Interntional BodyTalk System (IBA). She is the developer of the BreakThrough System, a dynamic process of self-inquiry and one of the key Life Science courses taught under the umbrella of the IBA. Esther conducts advanced workshops in BreakThrough, both internationally and in the U.S.A. She also runs ongoing Instructor Training programs for BreakThrough.

Esther is the author of Beyond Concepts: The Investigation of Who You Are Not and Who Am I?: The Seeker's Guide to Nowhere.

“We have so committed ourselves in different ways that we have hardly any time for self-reflection, to observe, to study.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

Course Description

In this class we explore the nature of the Struggle with self. What is it rooted in? What does it consist of? What perpetuates it? These are some of the questions we dive into. In this process we discover a clearer perspective on this daunting subject. Focusing on our new perspective, John ends the class with a group treatment. Note: Those watching this class in its recorded form will receive equal benefit from John’s treatment.

If any of the preceding speaks to you, please watch the session and explore along with the group from the comfort of your own home. Although it is called a Q&A, the focus as Esther interacts with students is not to answer questions. Her role is, primarily, to serve as a catalyst for the deepening of our own questioning process.