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Course Overview

In this presentation from the 2013 Members’ Conference, Professor Michael Zammit takes us on an exploration through the sacred and philosophical language of Sanskrit. He discusses why this “language of the gods” is a mother to so many of the world’s languages. Speaking Sanskrit, he uses his powerful, resonating voice to give us deeper meaning into the origin of words. This lecture will have you vibrating!

Dr. Michael Zammit, Ph.D.

Dr. Zammit is senior lecturer in the Philosophy Department of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Malta, where he defended his Ph.D. thesis on Shankara's Advaita Vedanta philosophy and its relevance to the contemporary Western philosophical impasse (2002).

A pioneer in introducing the study of Sanskrit (the language and its philosophical underpinnings) and the Advaita Vedanta Philosophy at the University of Malta, he also gives courses in general philosophy, Greek and Renaissance philosophies, and Indian and Far-Eastern thought to the Faculties of Art and Theology students. His interests vary from the use of poetic expression in the exploration of philosophical themes to the grammatological analysis of the Paninean Classical Sanskrit notions in light of contemporary continental philosophical concerns.

Working with the University radio station he has designed and presented various cycles of radio programs including readings and commentary sessions of the Bhagavad Gita that he translated from Sanskrit into Maltese that were published with Pubblikazzjoni Indipendenza, Malta (2008).

He is the author of, among other publications, Mireddien, a philosophical poem in Maltese in 56 mantras (also translated into Italian and published in Rome as Ombreggiature Silenziose, Editoria & Spettacolo, 2007), and translator of Plato's Apology (1997) and Vyasa's Sanskrit Bhagavad Gita (2008). Curved Silence, his most recent publication (2011), is a monograph for the ossified violin-sculpture of Mr. JP Azzopardi exhibited at the Fine Arts Museum in Valletta.

Michael lives in Lija together with spouse (Maria, a classicist) and sons Gabriel and Benjamin.

"High thoughts must have high language."

Course Description

Far from being a dry lecture on syntax and grammar, Dr. Zammit uses humor and his extensive background in Sanskrit to give us a discourse that is insightful and deeply meaningful. Dr. Zammit discusses how modern language is rooted in Sanskrit. He also makes it clear how Sanskrit ties into our training as BodyTalk practitioners and how to understand sound as the basis of manifestation. A lot of time is devoted to guiding students through the proper sounding of Sanskrit vowels, which are the core of this powerful and amazing language.