Take great online courses from the School of Philosophy and Life Sciences.
The Key to Modern Education
PaRama Campus was designed and developed to share knowledge with open minds. Our online campus provides the perfect blend of creativity and modern education with the way students learn best - storytelling and of course, good wholesome fun. Our courses don't just stop at the teacher, textbook and PowerPoint, or any other singular resource for that matter. It is all of these perfectly combined to create an experience like no other.
Evolving with You
Our courses speak, move, and evolve as you do. Our courses travel with you so you’ll never miss a beat, and you’ll always be in the know. You can access your courses from anywhere and at anytime with endless support along the way.
PaRama Campus. Simple. Beautiful. Intuitive.
So whether you want to take a course in life, philosophy, or science, we’ve got you covered. Let that open mind of yours take a little tour around our delightfully easy-to-use online campus, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.